Thursday, March 21, 2013

Have Wine, Will Pair

Since the recent launch of Gypsy Red, my very own private label red blend produced by talented winemaker Allen Kreutzer of Drytown Cellars, I've enjoyed some amazing food pairings. My winter crock pot beef roast atop sweet potato mash was no exception.
Gypsy Red is a smooth, silky, medium bodied marriage of Merlot and Zinfandel that hails from the Eastern Sierra Foothills, and she was born for barbecue. No one does that sort of thing better than Babe's Bar-B-Que & Brewhouse at The River in Rancho Mirage. That's me with my first born vintage, which holds a spot on their newly retooled wine list :)
Here's Gypsy pictured with "The Big Pig," a big ole bite of smoky brisket that is to die for when matched with the red cherry and baking spice in the wine.
Never one to eat lightly (just ask Mom), I also partook in a boneless beef short rib sampler that was accompanied by a mouth-watering date coleslaw. I'm proud to say that the talented Chef Art will be bringing Gypsy with him to this weekend's Palm Desert Food & Wine Fest, where he'll rehydrate some dried California cherries in a special wine sauce for that slaw. You won't wanna miss it!!
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