Friday, April 8, 2011

Palm Desert Food & Wine Fest a Fashionable Amalgam of Flavors and Flair

It would be a gross understatement to say I'd been looking forward to the Palm Desert Food & Wine Festival. This highly anticipated event that serves as a wrap up to Fashion Week seems to get more stylish each year, aging like the fine bubbles that greeted us upon arrival.
These white tents were surely made for exploring, and I wasn't looking for anything specific. Just some great new tastes and the fun of meeting up with friends and colleagues.
One of my first treats was a ripe and peppery Zin from Folie a Deux, the same folks responsible for Menage a Trois, the sister label that produces those popular, lower cost red and white blends. This particular Zin is crafted from old vines in Amador County, which immediately brought me to those languid summer backyard barbecues where sweet spicy ribs are served up by the plateful.
Then there was the '07 Pahlmeyer 'Jayson,' a gorgeous Bordeaux blend that instantly won Vino Chick's heart...lots of blueberry and chocolate...wowzers...judging from the looks of this bottle, i wasn't the only one experiencing wine drool...because yes, its THAT good.
I then met up with an unexpected, non wine-related treat when I encountered one of the soap opera world's all-time fan favorites. Tristan Rogers played the inimitable Robert Scorpio on General Hospital in the 1980's, and is apparently a wine lover himself. The affable Rogers can now be seen on the CBS sudser Young and the Restless.
Of course with all that wine, I needed to eat something before I fell my next installment, I'll explain the story behind this decadent little pairing that I'm still dreaming about...
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