Sunday, May 15, 2011

JAQK Cellars Not the New Kid on the Wine Block Anymore

Each year, the Palm Desert Food & Wine Festival gives me the chance to taste new brands and concepts I
may otherwise miss out on.
I was thrilled to catch up with one of my favorite wine guys from the previous year, David Dees of JAQK Cellars. JAQK's national sales manager was as affable as ever as he poured some delicious selections, including my new favorite, an inky Cab with rich sweet fruit called 22 Black.
Founded in 2008, JAQK is quickly making a name as a producer of highly personalized wines, handcrafted by oenological genius Craig MacLean. As the JAQK website points out "Each varietal has been lovingly coddled, cajoled, and doted upon every step of the way." These wines, especially the reds, can be quite bold with a quick punch of flavor at first sip, but they manage to maintain an understated elegance in the glass.
Vino Chick caught up with JAQK Founder Joel Templin, who shared his thoughts on the marketing strategy behind JAQK's dark-fruited, meat lover's fantasy Soldiers of Fortune of my 'bath tub' wines...

With a savvy marketing strategy firmly in place, JAQK has positioned itself to be around for a while..or at least until the Syrah runs out...

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