Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Roo by Any Other Name...

There is a certain magic that comes with sharing good wine and food with terrific friends; those epic meals where deep secrets are shared, right alongside platefuls of irresistable flavors.
I enjoyed one such experience recently with my friend Cheri at Johannes Restaurant, a widely-acknowledged foodie heaven with an eclectic, Austrian-influenced menu, in downtown Palm Springs.
Our closest pals playfully refer to us as Nickeroo and Cheroo, so it was only fitting that on this dining adventure, "The Roos" had been invited to try Roo...kangaroo, that is.
Intrepid foodies that we are, we eagerly anticipated Johannes' take on this organic, grass fed protein, which is sometimes hard to find here in the U.S. Our kangaroo loin w as served in an addictive Blood Orange Juniper Merlot reduction, with an orange and herb salad, roasted pear, and broccolini.
There was certainly a game-like taste and thick, fibrous texture, not as heavy as venison, but also warm and with rich flavors. Once I got over the idea that this was the most primitive thing I had ever eaten, I realized that my palate was dancing like Andy Gibb during his 1977 appearance on The Midnight Special.
Of course, a meal this exotic can't be enjoyed without a formidable wine to match. Owner and Chef Johannes Bacher brilliantly selected a 2005 Lyrique Syrah from Santa Barbara County. Lyrique is like a mouthful of smoked cherry jam and spice, some of my favorite characteristics in a big red.
Johannes offers his take on the pairing in the video below:
To Johannes' disppointment, there wasn't any wine left to share...just some fun little secrets, and an epic evening for the two Roos..make that three...

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Special thanks to Johannes Bacher, Chef/Owner:
Johannes Restaurant
196 S. Indian Canyon Drive
Palm Springs, CA

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