Sunday, January 1, 2012

Newly Discovered Italian Varietal is a Flavorful Surprise

Question: What's full of chocolate covered cherries, sweet tobacco, and tight tannins? Answer: A delightful Mosby Sagrantino, one of my latest finds that I've filed under the category of "Grapes to Discover in 2012."
I've always wanted to taste Sagrantino, a lesser known Italian varietal that hails from the Umbria region, and  my first foray into this tasty example from a Santa Barbara County producer didn't disappoint. Upon first opening, the wine also has a slightly earthy quality with a hint of winter pine. I decided to enjoy this little treasure with a grilled New York strip steak and cauliflower gratin.

After it had decanted for a bit, the wine took on the flavors of spicy holiday fruit cake (not the kind that Aunt Martha ships to your house each year) and smoky, big red fruit. This grape is formidable, and even the notes on the back of the bottle describe it as having "aggressive fruit."
 It has generally been my experience that aggressive gets things done, and I'm already seeking out other examples of this wine to share with my more assertive's to a New Year full of exciting and unusual discoveries of all things vino...
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  1. Where did you get this wonderful wine? Can I buy it online?


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