Thursday, June 3, 2010

Restaurant Week Party Offers Preview of Coming Attractions

It is no secret that Palm Springs-area restaurants have really upped the ante over the last few years in terms of creativity. That was no more evident than at the recent Restaurant Week Preview party, where I found unique food and wine combos at every tasting table.
Upon arrival, I was handed a deliciously refreshing glass of heady, blood-red sangria. This addicting concoction was courtesy of  Kobrand Spirits, who combined their Passion Fruit Alize (a Passion fruit/cognac blend) with some juicy table Zin and a handful of fresh fruit. 
I do enjoy white wine, but tend to favor pairings that involve juicy, fruit-centric reds. So I was pleasantly surprised with the delectable bourbon honey-glazed salmon and shitake succotash from Old La Quinta's Hog’s Breath Inn, matched with a 2007 Cosentino Chardonnay. Crisp with citrus and green apple flavors, the wine was well-matched with the richness of the fish and the slight earthiness of the vegetables.
One thing I try to stay away from unless I'm at the pool is wine in a cup, but short ribs are a different story as I quickly discovered, courtesy of Mr. Parker's in Palm Springs. Their glazed short rib with wild mushroom and garlic cream, complete with a parmesan twist puff pastry was delectable. It tasted even better was Cosentino's 2007 Cigar Zin, an "Old Boys Club" style wine that evoked 'tobacco, spice and smoke' for Unorthodox Foodie. She was dead on, as the smoky meat got along amazingly well with this formidable vintage.
If our preview treats were any indication, desert food and wine lovers will have plenty of surprises to discover in the very near future.

Sangria recipe:
One bottle of Passion Fruit Alize
Two bottles of your favorite Zinfandel
Bunch of red grapes
Four oranges sliced, peel on

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