Monday, July 19, 2010

Last Minute Chardonnay-Infused Meal a Reminder of Home

Whenever I return from a trip to South Jersey, I find myself craving those regional flavors that were such an integral part of my culinary life growing up on the East Coast.
One of the most endearing and enduring of those flavors is Old Bay seasoning. For the uninitiated, Old Bay is a  drop-dead delicious combination of pepper, celery salt and a secret blend of spices that would force you to slap your grandmother (gently, please). My most vivid memories involve devouring Old Bay-seasoned crab, shrimp, fries and whatever else I could find to put it on.
On a recent evening at my place in Palm Springs, it was an aromatic blend of blue claw crab meat, light olive oil, a pat of butter and fresh garlic. I reduced the sauce with a cup of Toasted Head Chardonnay, which really added depth and accentuated the smoothness of the butter and sweet crab, which I poured over tasty, gluten-free spaghetti. Sure it was a last minute weeknight meal, but delicious all the same. A reminder that home is where the heart-and stomach-reside.
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  1. I had a friend in college from Maryland who used to put Old Bay on everything. I mean EVERYTHING: seafood, fries, sandwiches, pizza. The celery salt is definitely a unique flavor profile.

    Although a blending of 2 coasts, dungeness crabs dusted with OB are mighty good...

    Joe @suburbanwino