Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Its More than Jennifer's Kitchen that Draws Regulars to the Chef's Weekly Wine Tastings

When you hear the name its natural that you would think of food, but Jennifer's Kitchen offers more than just deliciously-catered eats. The weekly wine tastings at this Rancho Mirage showroom tucked off of Highway 111 draw quite a crowd, and for good reason.
Chef Jennifer Johnson pours a sampling of six wines each Wednesday evening; offerings ranging from a pineapple-scented North Coast Sauvignon Blanc to a juicy, dark-fruited Chianti.
One of my favorites was a Ruby Cuvee from Temecula's South Coast Winery, a pungent, intoxicating, delicious, and bubbly take on Syrah. Its color is magnificent, and its impact on the palate as unforgettable as a Nat King Cole song.
The tastings, which are always accompanied by an array of tasty morsels prepared by Jennifer herself, have developed a loyal following:

My favorite pairing of the night was a Marquis Philips Cabernet and Jennifer's lamb and penne, an aromatic blend of raisins, herbs and earthy meat. The wine, a South African offering, was a bit tannic prior to tasting the dish but upon the first sip, the food immediately brought out a subtle sweetness in the glass. Perfection.
Jennifer's Kitchen is located at 70-225 Hwy. 111 in Rancho Mirage. For more information, call 760-324-3904 or contact Chefjenj@aol.com.

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