Sunday, March 6, 2011

Opa! Greek Fest a Delicious Overload for the Senses

It is my humble opinion that if you've never consumed cheese that has been dipped in brandy and lit on fire, you haven't lived.
I indulged in this decadent treat (called Saganaki) and more recently at the Greek Festival in Palm Desert. I am of Greek descent (Mom is half) and growing up, dishes like Souvlaki, Pastitsio, and Spanakopita and desserts like Baklava and Galotobourico always added excitement to the roster of delicious meals my Mom would whip up.
On this particular excursion, I discovered something entirely new and delightful: a dry white wine called Patraiki.
At once lemon-scented and a tad flinty, this wine is a true palate pleaser. I was enchanted by its crisp and clean flavors, and its smooth texture was the perfect match for the creamy and sharp tasting Saganaki.
Add a piping hot gyro to the mix and you have yourself the makings of a feast that would make Dionysus proud. Oh, and the Patraiki pairs well with Galotobourico too ;)
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