Friday, June 17, 2011

Palm Springs Bistro Puts a Flavorful Twist on Farm to Table Pairings

The above picture speaks volumes about Twisted Bistro, arguably the most enjoyable new restaurant to hit Palm Springs in a while.
Executive Chef Michelle Heinrich and her talented team are culinary artisans, culling the best produce and freshest ingredients from local sources, and bringing them to your Twisted table.
Dishes like Northwest King Salmon with avocado butter atop fava beans with pesto, grilled fennel, and squash.

Of course, all of this is essential to the wine (dish pictured above served with Primitivo) that I enjoyed in one wonderful, sensory-overloading six-hour marathon evening there. Heinrich describes her list as "frivolous, intense, sexy, dirty, crisp, full-bodied, light-bodied, fruity, earthy, cherry, blackberry, grapefruit, apple, dry, and oaky."
I must agree on all fronts, and this Napa and Lodi-dominant list, peppered with a few Oregonian and Italian offerings, is a good one...just as good food and wine don't lie:

Just when I thought I was full from the salmon, Heinrich whipped up what I am certain is one of the best things I have ever tasted. Tender, flavorful crabcakes filled with, of all things, sweet potatoes and beets.
In case you're wondering...yes, it works...boy does it work, especially when paired with a crisp 2009 California Viognier from Miner Family Vineyards.
Other standout pairings include Twisted's thin crust pizza. I enjoyed a slice topped with oyster mushrooms and feta (and gluten free, which I didn't know til I had already wolfed it down), also paired with the Viognier.
Since I'm always crushing hard on red (get it? Crushing...grapes...I know, dumb), my favorite wine of the night was the '09 Felino Vina Cobos Malbec, which has a ton of chocolate, dark berry, and more velvet than Lou Reed and his Underground.

Since I was way too full for dessert, I grabbed a handful of the cocoa-dusted almonds that double as bar nuts there. No surprise here...even they went fast.
Special thanks to Michelle Heinrich and the staff at Twisted Bistro Palm Springs:
1775 E Palm Canyon Dr # 220
Palm Springs, CA 92264-1646
(760) 325-8180

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  1. I specifically loved the comment about the Felino Malbec and how it compares to Lou Reed and his Underground! Your description of the crab cakes brings back my personal savory experience... a stand-out recipe (and now my favorite way to enjoy a favorite dish). The food at Twisted is fresh and full of flavor; great menu selection and the service is extraordinary. Great blog, Nicky!