Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Twin Pomegranate Killing

Without a doubt, Ojai is one of the most idyllic towns I have ever visited, and my first visit to its annual wine festival was a memorable one.
One of my most unusual finds came at the end of my visit there, and it was one I almost walked right by, literally. Brian and Nick Davis, two brothers known as the "Twin Poms," have crafted three Pomegranate wines, of all things, from their small production wine company in Fresno. The bottles carry a disclaimer that "Consuming One Glass May Promote Smiling."
I know..the jokes could be endless...should be twice as good, right? Or maybe double the flavor? etc...predictably, I could go on and on... but I won't...because I must say...as I sipped their light and slightly floral table wine (they also make a sparkling wine and a white blend), I imagined myself sitting on a small fishing boat out on the lake we were facing, a plateful of steamed Old Bay shrimp on my lap.


The fact that these guys are really cool and pretty cute doesn't hurt either...but seriously, try their wine...and find a serene body of water and some shellfish worthy enough to share it with.
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