Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Battle of the Bottles: Old versus New

When you pit Old World against New World in terms of vino, you create a battle of very different styles and tastes. 
For instance, I did enjoy the Schramsberg Blanc de Blancs at Flemings recent 'Bottle Wars' event in Rancho Mirage, but preferred a yummy French Brut Champagne from Nicolas Feuillatte. Yet in my very next sip, New World was king with a creamy Napa Chard from Merryvale, over the forgettably flabby Tuscan II Borro.  
In this battle of the palate, guests voted for their preferences in two additional categories: Merlot and Cab-Merlot blend.
For me and my wine-loving friend Cheri, the next one was a close call...a tobaccoey, tannic offering from St. Emilion (our overall fav) won out over the blueberry-filled Burgess Merlot.
Same for our final pick, the woodsy Chateau de Parenchere, enjoyed for its subtle fruit rather than the spicy Australian blend from Greg Norman.
An order of salt and pepper shrimp later...
We were sated and ready to do battle yet again...
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