Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Summer Stench be Gone!!

Second week of September...100+ degrees...foul, stomach-clenching stink of rotten eggs in the air...thanks a bunch, Salton Sea...how to cope? With cleansingly delicious lemons, wine, and crab...
 I wanted to whip something up that would pair well with the yummy Australian white blend (at $9.99, a screamin' deal) I'd grabbed at World Market...so I threw some crab claw meat in a pan and sauteed it with lemon zest, garlic, butter, truffle oil, crushed red pepper, black truffle salt, and cracked black pepper...oh and a few drops of the delightful vino, of course...
Pillar Box White is a Sauv Blanc/Verdelho/Chardonnay blend that despite the whole 'cat pea' effect on the nose, is actually a soft, smooth, mellow, and citrusy little number...an awesome match when you grind the lemon rind.
So good riddance, rotton eggs...now if those bigmouthed cicadas would just shut up for five minutes...

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  1. I agree... what a great way to counteract the sordid foulness in the air. Looks like a great combo! :)