Friday, August 20, 2010

Sweltering and Spanish-Inspired Weeknight Wine

Looking to escape the desert summer swelter, I headed into Zini Cafe Med in downtown Palm Springs one recent evening, where I had a somewhat ironic urge to sip on a tummy-warming and strawberry-inflected Tempranillo as I awaited my friend Carol's arrival for dinner. 
As I started to perspire (what did I expect?) it suddenly occured to me she might be waiting for me at Zin, sister eatery to Zini. Sure enough, I found my ever-smiling pal sitting inside the sophisticated bistro that is popular with my food and wine-crazed group.
Zin is known for its excellent wine list, and my favorite offerings are usually of the Rhone-inspired variety. I've been known to geek out over the stuff with owner and wine director Mindy Reed, who knows her vino front and back.
She agreed with me that a fruity and smooth Juan Gill Monastrell would be an excellent accompaniment to whatever sort of meat dish I would inevitably order.
Sure enough, the braised short ribs were tender, and the Spanish wine an excellent accent with its smoky, Old World earthiness. A perfect score, on a night shared a friend who warms the soul, well worth walking down the street to meet in the August heat.
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